Did you hear me Bunny. It’s party time ALL THE TIME.

Or else.

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Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 13 has been retired. Say hello to Bob Backlund at WrestleMania XXX as my new avatar.


The Kickstarter for my 200 page OGN, SEXCASTLE, is now halfway through. 

Think about this:  a 200 page graphic novel in the vein of 80s Action Fims about personal redemption featuring nunchucks and bad-assery and explosions and fistfights and tough guy talk - and it’s completely done.

 So, right now, if you back my Kickstarter for $5 in 15 days you are going to get the book digitally.  Not six months from now, not maybe a year, not three months from now.  15 days.

200 pages for $5!

And listen, when I break $9,000 (I’m less than $200 away) I’m hooking everyone up with an anthology mini-comic of all the little comics I put together this year (including Special Agent Toddler In A Man’s Body, my Parable comic, my WCW/NWA Robopocalypse comic previously only available in the Atomic Elbow zine).  That includes you digital backers.  You’ll get a 18-20 page minicomic, along with the 200 page book now.

For $5. 

But you only got 15 days.

OH, and if you get the physical book (starting at $25 - that includes S&H)?  Right now you also get a bookmark, stickers, temporary tattoos, maybe a customized Assassin Union Membership Card and the mini-comic anthology.   And there are still commissions or add on tiers where you can get my previous Kickstarter-ed book, Legend of Ricky Thunder (called by some the Best Wrestling Comic Ever Made)

That’s a deal, folks.

And look at the nice things that have been said so far about it:

"Kyle Starks takes his action movie fetish,goes public with it, and abuses the hell out of it with comic book punches, kicks, and speed lines."

Michel Fiffe, creator of Copra

"200 page graphic novel called "The best OGN of the year" by ComicsAlliance’s Chris Sims."

Chris Sims, Comicsalliance

"Starks has made a book that should decidedly put him on the map as this book has every potential to be a mainstream hit, and it would be a shame if you let this book pass you by."

Matthew Meylikhov, Multiversity Comics


Also, the best comic news outlets in the world said it’s good.  It’s for real good, guys.  And for $5 you’re getting it digitally in 15 days.

Sweet nibs, guys.  That’s a ding dang deal!  

But you only have 15 days to get it.

Whoever was running the stream I was watching played Cult of Personality towards the end of the show.

Fuuuuuuuuuuck that guy.

I really want Santino to try it on with Emma, and for Emma to say “Thanks, but I don’t see you that way” So Santino starts to be super nice to her, but Emma’s all like “Just because you’re nice to me doesn’t mean I’m obligated to date you” Then Santino becomes a chickenshit MRA heel.


"We want Ziggler! Clap clap clapclapclap"
*gives ziggler*

That newest Adam Rose promo was terrifying



He’s like that kid in The Twilight Zone that you’re not allowed to be negative around. What happens if you don’t want to party? What do they do to you?

I smell his heel gimmick.

When they’re done with you, they release you into a forest, and Rose dresses up like Kraven The Hunter to chase you down.

That newest Adam Rose promo was terrifying

He’s like that kid in The Twilight Zone that you’re not allowed to be negative around. What happens if you don’t want to party? What do they do to you?


*tries to massage pectoral while pretending to grab title belt*

Sit down Big E, there are steel chairs literally all over the place.